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Humb is a Unix Enthusiast, currently learning some web development and OpenBSD as a hobby and applying the gained knowledge here at

About me

I'm just a person that loves learning new stuff. I also enjoy tinkering with everything I learn, I believe tinkering is the best way to learn anything.

I'm currently running InstantOS, a Linux distribution based on Arch Linux. I recommend you use it if you need something minimalist that will allow you to get straight into your business and getting things done but also want to harness the power of Arch; it will be up in no time, while not sacrificing the freedom to tinker, customize and try whatever you want that Arch Linux is known for.

I also suggest you give Doom Emacs a go, it will help you make the most of your time when coding, while also having the option for you to customize Emacs and learn the ins and outs of it if you wish so or require to!

I'll be posting stuff I find useful or interesting, but don't hold your breath for it!

Blog Entries

2020-10-13 Test Entry